Take The Hays Challenge

The Challenge includes four separate levels where you'll be faced with the kind of everyday decisions you'll face if you work at Hays.

We'll give you feedback on the decisions you make, give you points depending on how well you're doing and give you an idea about working at Hays as a recruitment consultant. Ready to get started?

Find out more about what a career in recruitment actually means.

Take the Hays Challenge to see if you have the skills to become an expert in the world of recruitment.

The Challenge incorporates 4 Tasks where you can see if you can pick the right candidate for a role, provide candidates with the correct advise and successfully sell to a company CEO.

You will recieve Hays points as you complete each task within the Challenge and your final score will provide an indication of whether a career with Hays could prove rewarding.

When you have completed the Challenge you can apply for a career with Hays or go back to our careers website to learn more about Hays.

We hope you enjoy taking on the Hays Challenge.

Take the Hays Challenge